Research Student Session

Research Student Session is a session dedicated for students who are willing to share their on-going (unfinished) research with other students or even an expert in related field. In this limited session, students will engage in meaningful conversations related to all aspects of their research. 

Students are required to record their presentations using Zoom, PowerPoint or other video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation and submit the video to the committee (the link for the video submission will be sent after the abstract has been submitted). Seats are limited.



1.There are only 5-6 presenters in one session.

2.Each session is scheduled for an hour.

3.Each presenter is assigned a 15-minute presentation; 10 minutes for PRE- RECORDED PRESENTATION, 5 minutes for a LIVE QUESTION, AND ANSWER SESSION. Therefore, presenters must attend the session even though they have submitted the presentation video.

4.Presenters must record their presentations and upload the link or the file to be shown during the sessions.

5.Pre-recorded video submission is July 10, 2021.

6.There will be a moderator for each parallel session/room.





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