Onsite Presenters

  • Presenters who participate in the Parallel Sessions onsite must attend the sessions onsite and do the presentation as scheduled.
  • The duration of onsite presentations is 10 minutes maximum.

Online Presenters

  • Presenters who register for online Parallel Sessions, Teacher Best Practices, or Research Student Session must record their presentation and upload the link or the file to be showed during the sessions.
  • Pre-recorded presentation is 10 minutes maximum.

Both onsite and online presenters

  • All presenters (onsite and online) are expected to attend the presentation session to participate in the Questions and Answers Sessions.
  • To be eligible for the Presenter Certificate, presenters are required to fill out an Exit Ticket that will be distributed by the committee on the conference day.   
  • Instructions for the presenters to submit the pre-recorded presentation is available here.